The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet refused from the state security, and instead have used the services of private security guards.

“When I asked for state protection, it was found that there is not just give you one or two people, there are some platoon I was planning to allocate. I felt somehow embarrassed that the government will give me such resources. So I decided at his own expense to hire two people. Now goes with me two private guard,” said Dubilet, the TV channel “ICTV” on Sunday evening.

At the same time, the Minister hoped that security will be a temporary measure.

As reported, in early November Dubilet appealed to the Office of state security to grant him protection.

He noted that this need is that those around him “was formed two zones of tension.” In particular, one of them is the fight against the shadow alcohol, which should show the result in the form of additional revenues to the budget of 5-10 billion a year. The second is that he is one of the facilitators of competitions for the state’s top office.


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