More than 30 flights delayed, nine cancelled. Problems arose in all Metropolitan airports, with the exception of Zhukovsky. There all the flights followed the schedule.

According to “Russian conversation” in the Sheremetyevo has cancelled 5 flights, another 29 delayed. In domodedowo late still taking 4 flight, the same was cancelled.

According to “Yandex. Schedule” a few more things at Vnukovo – 2 delayed flight. And in Zhukovsky airport terminal all flights are executed according to schedule.

Note that the forecasters of the hydrometcentre of Russia has warned both drivers and pedestrians about heavy ice in Moscow.

Last night in the capital and the area remained ice – izmereniya deposits, and on the roads, drivers would be kind of a strong sleet. It is expected to snow, sometimes wet .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that due to freezing rain, the public utilities and energy of Moscow went on high alert.