We offer to your attention a live broadcast of the political talk show “Duel with Vladimir Solovyov”. The program discussed recent political developments in Russia and in the world.

The house of representatives Thursday, 4 may, supported the establishment of a special Committee to counter the so-called “secret Russian influence” in politics of other countries.

The task of the interministerial Committee is to counter the hidden influence that emanates from Moscow, reports “Russian conversation”. It is noted that under the influence means not only “the secret broadcasts, the manipulation of the media, disinformation, financing agents of influence”, but even the killings and attacks.

Where do such conclusions is unclear. The new structure will be required to report to the Congress on the alleged efforts of the Russian authorities trying to exert influence . The Committee will include representatives of the office of the Director of national intelligence, state Department, Pentagon, FBI and others.

The deadline for voting for the ad hoc Committee — may 5.