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The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine confirms that the High court of London ruled to be unsatisfactory for Kiev the decision on return of a debt amounting to more than $3 billion, however, the Kiev authorities are going to continue the trial with Russia in the court of appeal.

In a statement, the Ukrainian Ministry said that Kiev respects the decision of the High court of London, however, this does not mean that the Ukrainian government is ready to pay Russia’s debt obligations, with penalties exceeding $3 billion, according to “Russian conversation” .

Kiev still hopes that the court will grant a reciprocal appeal and will take into account that Ukraine is the “victim of Russian aggression”, and all the money the previous government allegedly received as a bribe for refusal to sign the Association agreement with the European Union.

The Finance Ministry of Ukraine said it was ready to a new stage of judicial proceedings of Russia, and to achieve recognition not sovereign debt today is in the public interest of the Kiev authorities.