During the meeting in Yalta dedicated to the Day of memory of the perished in Chechnya Marines of the sixth company of the one hundred and fourth parachute regiment of the Pskov airborne division, as well as the Day of special operations forces, in pictures one of the local Newspapers had seen a Ghost. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

the photograph is the image of a man who towered above the crowd. Over the heads of
the audience can notice a kind of person with a distinctly
distinguishable oval face, eyebrows, eyes and nose.

Some superstitious
Crimeans were told that flying in the air the image of Vladimir Putin. The Ghost
didn’t look ominous, so his appearance does not promise great danger.

Earlier in the video caught the Ghost of a doctor to the Argentine hospital, which did not give rest to the staff .

The resulting video clearly shows how mysteriously the gates open. According to employees of clinic, such anomalies do not occur the first time.