IRKUTSK, on may 2. /TASS/. One of the local residents suffered greatly during the fire, which left homeless the most part lived in the village of Bubnivka in the Irkutsk region. This was reported by Minister of social development, custody and guardianship of the region Vladimir Rodionov.

Earlier it was reported that during a fire last Friday, no one was hurt. All local residents were promptly evacuated from located on the island village courts on air cushions.

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The cause of the fire in the Irkutsk Bubnivka was a short circuit due to the hurricane

“One resident, at the age of 59-years old, suffered. She received burns to 6-8% of his body and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Now her condition is stable, with positive dynamics”, – he said, adding that doctors consider the possibility of its transfer in the near future in a General ward.

According to Rodionova, injured pensioner lived in Bubnivka is one, without relatives . Her house during the fire burned down. In this respect, after recovery, the authorities intend to offer her accommodation in the boarding house.

In case of fire in the village of Bubnivka April 28, where the burned 59 homes, left homeless and 292 people, including 86 children. Authorities in Irkutsk region have decided to move the village of Bubnivka, since it burned down a kindergarten, school, post office, and no social facilities, no jobs left.

According to the MOE, the cause of the accident was a short circuit during the hurricane.