Photo: “Freedom” Vladimir Stahura

Stahura died during diving.

During a holiday in Egypt has died the head of Ternopil city organization of the Union “Freedom” Vladimir Stahura, reports

The Deputy was vacationing there with his wife and 7-year-old son.

Stahura died during diving enjoyed the last few years.

During the climb out of the water, supposedly there is a sharp change of pressure. It is possible that the scuba gear was faulty.

Vladimir Staure was 51 years old. From 2009 he was a Deputy of the Ternopil regional, and then the city Council and was the head of Ternopil regional organization VO “Freedom”, and recently the city organization.

Also earlier it was part of the volunteer battalion “Sich” and the Deputy commander of the “Carpathian Sich” of the 93rd brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

As reported Корреспондент .netAugust 7 through 26 days after beating unknown in Mirgorod died the Deputy of the local Council from the “Svoboda” Oleg Suprunenko.