Belarusian T-72 tank participating in the rehearsal of the parade devoted to independence Day of Belarus, crashed into a lamppost on the main Avenue of Minsk.

This is the Agency Sputnik of Belarus, reports “Russian conversation”.

Rehearsal of parade on the occasion of Independence Day took place on Saturday evening at the Masherov Avenue. In the solemn event will be attended by 220 units of military equipment.

It is noted that the armored vehicles was moving along Independence Avenue on the Masherov Avenue. Behind a pillar on the sidewalk watched the locals. One of the T-72 tanks while driving in the convoy left outside the roadway and crashed into a pole and tree.

Affected by the accident there.

Earlier it was reported that from five of the Royal guards fainted during a parade in London.

It was also noted that the nationalist “Azov” went on a military parade in Mariupol with neo-Nazi symbols .