A resident of Penza, relaxing at the cottage, took video of strange lights, which in outline resembled a spaceship. Data strange objects moved from side to side. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

It lasted so long that the eyewitness of incident has bothered to watch it
the strange object. He stopped to watch what will happen to him.

According to the Russian ufologists, this property has all the prerequisites to be
the alien spacecraft. Any helicopter or plane was supposed to leave. White
light is also a mystery, because it was not visible visually, and the witness found him
only while watching a recording.

The family from Oklahoma translucent inadvertently photographed a UFO.

This anomaly was noticed by the children who decided to review on
smartphone photos . None of the family remembers that in the sky at that time
was something like that, because they would have turned their attention to the