Kiev Pride 2017




Two police officers received minor injuries while maintaining law and order in the “March of equality,” the demonstrators were not injured.

Held in the Central part of Kyiv within the framework of the “Kyiv pride 2017” “March of equality” was held without any problems with the maintenance of public order, its members were not injured, but two police officers received minor injuries during the arrest 6 opponents of the event have informed in law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

“All the events that took place today, ended. Now they fully secured the order for all (transport – ed.) locations in different regions. The national police, the national guard, all units of the Ministry with his task,” he told reporters at a briefing in Shevchenko Park in Central Kiev the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Spring .

Equality March in Kiev held without provocation

The Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine – head of chief Directorate of national police in Kiev Andrey Krishchenko noted that had the minor collision while ensuring the public order, between police and opponents of the “equality March”.

“Asked for help by two police officers, but it’s a small scratch, without hospitalization”, – said Alexander Krishchenko.

Equality March 2017 in Kiev: peaceful, brightly, brightly and joyfully

According to him, were detained 6 people who are now in Shevchenkovskom district Department of research of the national police of Ukraine in Kiev. In addition, the police seized a number of Balaclava, pyrotechnics, and medical masks.

“The organizers and participants of the action “Kievprayd” there were no injuries. All have departed. In those places where they came, were strengthened outfits (police – ed.)”, – said Alexander Krishchenko.

However, he pointed out that the protection of public order in Kiev on Sunday will be in emergency mode actually until the evening.