According to preliminary estimates, the Roma lived 9300-4000 years ago on the planet Earth. The ability to survive, at first glance, unsuitable for being the site was due to the fact that in ancient times, the Libyan desert is characterized by a large rainfall, so the problems with housekeeping at all. Scientists said that similar climatic conditions do not interfere with the construction of new facilities and increased number of livestock. In total, the excavations were able to examine three of the necropolis and of the order of 70 of the remains of the old people. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

Archaeological work has helped to find out that the infant mortality rate was almost zero. You should also pay attention to significant life expectancy, reaching the level of 40-50 years.

By an earlier Egyptian writing system, were able to establish the existence of people who possessed great technological developments, rather than the Egyptians. This people were under strength not only to beat the first nation official in a letter, but in the presence of a system of religion. Some proponents of alternative science believe that they helped in this extraterrestrial civilizations.

Before the sand dunes of Egypt concealed the existence of a nuclear power plant, which already has more than 10,000 years. The above technology recreated the frescoes of the ancient Egyptian people, but for this invention a long time did not pay attention. This technology represents the kind of long lights, having in the composition a material capable of spinning spiral.