According to preliminary data, magnetic improvised explosive device attached to the car security service, reports the Russian Dialogue.

سیمهییز خبریالان وايي، پروان کې له د چاودنې وروسته ولسمشر ټاکنیزه غونډه غني لا هم ده رونه. له چاودني مخکي انځورونه.

— TOLOnews (@TOLOnews) September 17, 2019.

In the result of incident killed 24 people. All
details are specified. We also learned that while no group
has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Earlier it was reported that in
the bomb explosion in the Afghan capital, a suicide bomber killed 63 people, more than 180 were in hospital beds.

It also became known that the troops of the United States of America raided a prison in Afghanistan and released dozens of leaders of the banned in
Russian Federatsii ISIS.