Pope Francis

The fugitives are considered to be socially dangerous recidivists .

Two inmates of an Italian prison escaped during the charity dinner with Pope Francis. According to local media, the incident occurred on 8 October during the visit of the Pontiff to Bologna.

In the program of the Pontiff’s visit included a lunch with the participation of thousands of people: the homeless, the poor, immigrants, and inmates of local correctional facilities. After the event, the leadership of one of them missed two wards.

It turned out that at lunch they didn’t even. The men, both originally from Naples, vanished after diverted attention working on the lunch volunteers, accompanied the guests to the place.

The identity of the fugitives and the crimes for which they were serving sentence has not been announced yet, but we know that they are considered to be socially dangerous recidivists.

Earlier in the Vatican’s five-year-old girl named Shirley took pileolus with Pope Francis while the Pope kissed and blessed her.

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