Ukrainian diplomat, former Ambassador of Ukraine to the European Union and former Deputy chief of staff of the fifth President Petro Poroshenko Konstantin Eliseev said that no one from the entourage of the President of the United States Donald trump during President Poroshenko did not raise with him matters of the company “Burisma”.

“I will say unequivocally that no one asked (me if) on this issue. Moreover, I participated in many events of Ukraine, the United States, including at the highest level. Was and the telephone conversation of President Poroshenko with President trump and Vice-President Biden when he was still Vice President. And believe me, the word “Burisma” or the name of the son of Biden is never raised. In particular, I emphasize again, during phone and any contact with Vice-President Biden”, Yeliseyev said in interview the Internet-to the edition “Today”, published Saturday morning.

He stressed that during the direct contacts of President Poroshenko with the leadership of the United States questions of the company “Burisma”are not affected.

Elisha also considers unfounded allegations that the Ukrainian government under Petro Poroshenko supported the only candidate from the Democrats in US elections in 2016.

“…Some blame in the fact that in 2016 in new York when Donald trump and Hillary Clinton was still a candidate, we just met with Hillary Clinton. I recall that we also made a request to meet with the candidate while in the Republican presidential Donald trump. And, unfortunately, no reply was received. As far as I remember, then continued the electoral campaign and Donald trump was not in new York. Moreover, by the order of Peter Poroshenko, the then Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly attended the relevant congresses, both Republican and Democratic parties, which have nominated presidential candidates… we actually tried to build bipartisan support,” said Elisha.

He stressed that ” in 2016-2018, was productive and constructive, to say the least, relations between Ukraine and the USA; it was almost a “Golden age”. Elisha reminded about the increase of almost 60% of turnover, getting Ukraine defensive lethal weapons, the US role in the adoption of the “powerful sectoral sanctions” against Russia. “The American side has imposed sanctions after the military aggression in the Azov and Kerch… it is the American side now stands for the imposition of sanctions in the context of the construction of “Nord stream-2″. That is, it was very difficult, but truly fruitful and productive period,” concluded the diplomat.

On his words, “in these five years we have managed to build a strong Foundation of strategic Ukrainian-American partnership, now this Foundation is under pressure in the context of known telephone conversation between trump and Zelensky”.

“I think this Foundation is strong enough to withstand this onslaught. The only thing that can tell you right now, it is useless to hope that until November 2020, when will the next US presidential election, we will be able to do something qualitatively new in our relationship. Unfortunately, they will be held hostage to this issue, and this scandal, and now we need to do everything possible to minimize the risks,” concluded Elisha.