World news:Local Muslim community is dissatisfied with the installation of metal detectors at the third Shrine of Islam.

Three Palestinians were killed in clashes in East Jerusalem, where protests against the new security measures at the Temple mount, writes the Russian service Bi-Bi-si.

According to Palestinian sources, more than 200 people were injured. The Israeli police injured four officers and the arrest of 10 protestors.

The local Muslim community is dissatisfied with the installation of metal detectors at the third holiest Islamic site, where the al-Aqsa mosque and qubbat as-Sakhra.

According to the Israeli side, thousands of the faithful refused to ascend the temple mount through the metal detector, spread out prayer mats in the streets and began to pray. These actions, in some cases, escalated into clashes with security forces .

Mass protests are also on the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip, where, according to local doctors, injured 30 Palestinians.

The tightening of security measures at the Temple mount, provoked the discontent of the Palestinians, was a reaction to the murder a week ago of two Israeli policemen.

Three militants, in which he identified the Arab-Israelis, used the territory of the Shrine to an armed attack and tried to escape from persecution.

Israel rejects accusations in an attempt to expand its influence on the Temple mount, also revered by followers of Judaism as the greatest Shrine of their religion.

The temple mount is a Holy place for Jews and Muslims. It is in East Jerusalem, whose status remains one of the most contentious issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Palestinians consider East Jerusalem the capital of their state in the future, but the Israeli side insists that the whole city is United and indivisible capital of Israel.