In the American town Rochester local photographer during sunset over the southern part of lake Ontario, photographed a group of alien ships. Initially, the eyewitness of incident has taken these lights for the fireworks, but did not notice that they rose from the ground. With three bright object was moving ahead, and the fourth a little further back. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The band UFO
moved from left to right, and then turned over, lined up in
random. A strange phenomenon occurred in two kilometers from

As noted by young
man, the Sun at the time of the shooting was from behind and to the left of the four discs,
consequently, the objects were shining by themselves.

Previously, the Internet has blown up footage of a UFO circling around the Sun in a period of 420 days .

ri accelerated speed
playback is noticeable that the UFO was moving in a retrograde orbit, but rather in
the opposite direction to the direct of rotation of the Sun, and in all that time never
have not gone outside of his constant circle of rotation.