Photo: from open sources

On public roads tested the Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS new generation, which was previously called the M-Class and GL-Class.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS were seen in Germany (and there is even a video). Judging by the amount of camo on them, it’s easy to assume that the first premiere of the GLE and GLS. In any case, the GLE is much less of a camouflage and, therefore, it needs to debut first. In addition, Mercedes has already shown the interior of the new crossover, which is also an eloquent testimony about the time of its appearance on the market.

As you know, the GLE and GLS new generation needs to be built on the platform of MRA. This will reduce their weight compared to models of the current generation. Externally, these novelties can be distinguished by the shape of the headlights . Besides, GLS tail lights more than the GLE, which is quite justified, given the difference in size of these full-size crossovers.

The new GLS will be a version of the Maybach. It will be built on the basis of the concept Maybach Ultimate Luxury Vision Concept. And here at GLE this Deluxe version is not provided.

The cabin of these SUVs will undergo a major change. It will be for the better be different from the interior of the previous generation.

Sales of the new Mercedes-Benz GLE will begin before the end of this year, and GLS new generation will appear in 2019, as, by the way, and the new GLA. It is possible that the line of crossovers (SUV) Mercedes will also include electrical EQ C and GLA Coupe.