Near the building of the National Council on television and radio during the campaign, supporters of withdrawal of the license channel “NewsOne” and opponents of this decision there was a scuffle, resulting in the police delivered the two people.

“The incident occurred on Prorizna street near State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine. One of the activists approached the man with a poster and tried to snatch it, and then started the brawl. As a result, two participants of the incident were taken to the police Department for giving explanations”, – the press service of the police of Kiev on Thursday afternoon.

It is noted that because of the conflict between the protesters in Kiev, the police brought to the police Department of two people.

After a first audit will be given a legal qualification of the event. Law enforcement officers continue to monitor the procedure.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine, about 70 people oppose the broadcasting of TV channels “NewsOne” and “112 Ukraine”. Several participants of the action hold flags of “Democratic sokari”, a significant part, according to information on the posters represent the “Committee for the defense of Kiev.”

They hold posters with inscriptions “Maybe enough?”, “Men have no place in Ukraine”, “Committee for the defence of Kiev against the expansion of the Russian Federation”.

In addition, their dissatisfaction with the activity of the channels, the activists speak into the microphone, in particular, they advocate “for the ban of manipulation of consciousness of the Ukrainians” and called “crap” content channels “Newsone” and “112 Ukraine”.

However, in front of the participants of the action gathered fans of the TV channel “NewsOne”, which on their posters expressing dissatisfaction with the actions of the national Council.

“Notrade – the people’s distrust

Acrade performs a political order, will Not destroy Newsvan”, “Narada against freedom of speech”, “Newsvan is the only independent,” “let us Not close Newsvan” – reads the inscription on their placards

At a rally in support of TV channels also gathered about 70 people.

Several dozen members of the National guard of Ukraine follow the social order in place of the stock there is also a “Police dialogue.”

Between opponents periodically there are verbal sparrings.




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