Since the beginning of the war in the Donbass mines killed 42 children


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During carrying out of ATO in the Donbas from the landmine killed 42 children.

Since the beginning of the war due to mines and from-for careless handling of ammunition, killing 42 children, another 109 were injured.

On this day, April 20, was discussed at a press conference with participation of representatives of the ATO headquarters SSES of Ukraine in Donetsk region and a non-governmental organisation Halo Trust, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

Within four months of the year because of careless handling of ammunition, six people were killed, three were injured.

According to preliminary estimates the area that needs to be cleaned of mines, is about 700,000 hectares, and for complete clearance of the territory of Donbass should be from 10 to 15 years .

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According to the head of the coordination group for mine action of the ATO headquarters, Colonel Sergei Zubarevich, the most vulnerable are the settlements at the contact line in the area of the antiterrorist operation in the so-called “grey zone”.

To hit a mine anywhere, because the risk can be almost any place on either side of the demarcation line.

On the eve of memorial day, the engineers gschs of Ukraine in the Donetsk region, demining of the cemetery.

Groups of mine clearing of explosive subjects already cleared more than 100 cemeteries, said the Colonel of service of civil protection Andrew Danik.