After the attackers targeted employees of Regardie in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan gunfire. It was eliminated one of the attackers, who on 4 April was involved in the murder of police officers

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to sources “Interfax” in law enforcement, in a shootout with roshanali was killed by return fire Ramzan Kukolew.

According to preliminary information, he was involved in the bloody shooting of traffic police in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan on 4 April.

It is also known that at the scene of the attack on Resguardo in Astrakhan, the police found 2 traumatic gun, converted by firing live ammunition. The attackers stole service weapon of asguardian – pistol-machine gun PP-2000 and the Makarov pistol and fled from the scene of the attack.

It is known that the attackers fled in a white car “Renault Logan” . Soon the car was found abandoned on the street the First Train.

Law enforcement blocked almost the whole of Leninsky district, from the bridge into the neighborhood of Babayevsky to Energeticheskoi

Earlier Ramzan Sokolaev is a native of the Krasnoyarsk district Astrahanskoy region was suspected in the murder of the traffic police on 4 April. Besides him, according to police, the attack involved a previously convicted the Governor Sasanov and Ramzan Sultanmuratov from Chechnya and Ilyas Magomedov from Dagestan.