In Syria’s largest dam “Tabka”, located on the Euphrates, partially destroyed due to fights between terrorists “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and the forces of the “Democratic forces of Syria.”

About it reports the Lebanese television station “al-Mayadin” reports “Russian conversation”.

This station was built in the early 1970-ies of the Soviet engineers. The dam forms the largest reservoir of El-Assad.

It is noted that the local hydroelectric power plant has suspended work, as was broken its control over the airstrike. Repairmen can’t get to recovery, as are ongoing fighting.

Arab-Kurtka groups are based a few kilometres from the dam. They plan to take over the city Tabka, standing on the way to raqqa.

However, the assault has been postponed because of DSS are afraid of undermining the dam from terrorists .

Earlier it was reported that the US and Russia has decided to expel Iran from Syria.

It was also noted that in Syria, the fighting intensified.