In Kiev at troyeschina on the basis of the property dispute was a conflict with the use of firearms without casualties involving non-faction people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Melnychuk.

As reported in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” head of Department of communication of GU of national police of Ukraine in Kiev Oksana Blischik, on Tuesday in the conflict between supporters and opponents of the eviction of educational institutions in Troyeshchina shots were fired from a firearm without causing anyone damage.

“We confirm the fact of firing during a conflict between supporters and opponents of the eviction,” said she.

On the question of the Agency about the validity of common social networks that fired the people’s Deputy S. Melnichuk, head of the Department of communication of the capital’s Central Directorate of police said, “the identity of the shooter established. The shot is not the people’s Deputy”.

In this case O . Blischik added that the shots were fired in the air and there were no injuries.

According to her, now on a scene works operatively-an investigation team of the police, the investigation also involved the prosecutors.

Around 17.00 Tuesday in the group “” in the social network Facebook was published the following message: “Shooting the battle in Kiev: “MP Melnychuk started shooting at troyeschina, the Machine is locked, for some reason, dropped the glass and went down the wheel, the Police guards. Shot fighting!!!”.

At the same time, blogger Evgeny Shevchenko on his page on Facebook said that the conflict occurred because of a continuing 2 years of litigation on the alienation of municipal property of the city kindergarten.

“Two years in court and finally justice was restored – the agreement was illegal, it was cancelled, and the kindergarten returned to the municipal property. But suddenly arrived … who do you think? .. MP Melnychuk! Who defended the Scam-the raiders and he wanted to spit on the children and their parents together,” wrote E. Shevchenko.

According to the blogger, the MP told local residents that “the court’s decision means nothing to him” and there supposedly will be his public reception. Subsequently, conflict broke out with the use of physical force, “what Melnychuk took out his gun and started shooting at people.”

E. Shevchenko noted that during the brawl, MP, together with the guard were blocked by the local population in the car, which came. The very same motor vehicle was damaged: broken Windows. To a scene there arrived police which stopped protivostoyanie. The blogger did not report having been affected by conflict.