In the Internet appeared the photo on which the climber has captured the alien ship on mount Everest. This incident happened 5 years ago. The climber was doing a panorama of 500 shots, to capture unique changes in climatic conditions on Everest. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Only intently for a few minutes
the resulting photos, extreme noticed a mark near the North peak
mountains. When comparing relationship in size
the mountains and the object, it becomes clear that no helicopter or
the drone can’t reach that high from ground level.

Moreover, the discoverer
openly declares that no funds for processing photographs

Earlier in Texas, the child saw in the sky a UFO, which resembled a silhouette of Batman.

This anomaly is noticed 6-year-old
the boy who looked into a bright flash in the clouds . In the opinion of the child,
this anomaly was reminded of the shape of Batman. The witness immediately took his
mobile phone and started filming the UFO, which in seconds had disappeared in
the clouds.