During the construction of the highway to the Crimean bridge the scientists stumbled upon the traces of the Bosporan Kingdom. Similar ruins have been discovered on Tirimacco shaft. From the findings it is necessary to allocate crepido – shaft retaining wall of earth and stone and a deep moat. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to the preliminary
information, the age of the investigated area is dated IV-III centuries BC. On
the other site archaeologists explore ancient burial complex, which
a few burials.

Archaeological excavations
will last about two months.

Earlier in the Crimea, scientists have unearthed an ancient fortress of the heyday of the Bosporan Kingdom.

According to the researchers, the structures built during the
within the reign (middle of I century BC). Originally a fortress
was a shaft, which is soon reinforced by high towers . Towers defended
Greeks from the devastating incursions of the Scythians.