In the Sudan against protesters used firearms

More than a hundred people were injured and 14 were killed during the dispersal of the sit-in in Khartoum.

In the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, 14 people were killed during the dispersal of the sit-in. More than a hundred people were injured. On Monday, June 3, reports channel Sky News Arabia.

It is noted that at dawn, the police and special forces started to sweep the square in front of the headquarters of the General command of the armed forces and dismantling appeared there two months ago camp.

Later joined the military which took the area under its full control, putting the cordon there security. According to eyewitnesses, the operation to disperse the demonstrators was conducted using tear gas and firearms.

At the same time in the army, said that no military operation to curtail the campground was conducted.

“We did not disperse the strike”, – said the TV channel, the official representative of the Military Council. According to the military, security forces were forced to take action after the square has penetrated a large group of offenders. They promise that protesters will be allowed to return to the venue of the strike, and nobody will hamper them. Moreover, the Council is ready within 48 hours to resume talks with the opposition about the future transition of the country.

The opposition has refused dialogue and has stated that it no longer considers the Military Council “as one of the forces of the revolution.”

In the morning the situation in Khartoum began to go out of control. In the capital and its satellite city Omdurman clashes between security forces and demonstrators. Thousands of people took to the streets, blocked roads and bridges with rocks and burning tires.

Recall, April 11, in Sudan a military coup. Was arrested by President Omar al-Bashir, who ruled the country for almost 30 years, dissolved the government, suspended the Constitution.

The military created the transitional Council, which declared a state of emergency and a curfew. Later in the house of the ex-President of the Sudan, found millions of euros. Al-Bashir pleaded guilty to corruption, illegal circulation of foreign currency and money laundering.


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