Photo: Place the emergency landing of the helicopter

In the result of emergency landing of a Black Hawk helicopter only eight people died, five survived.

The chief of staff of the Taiwan army Shen min died as a result of a forced helicopter landing, reports the Agency EFE.

The accident happened in a mountainous area near the capital of the region of Taipei. By landing the helicopter just eight people died, five survived.

All on Board the Black Hawk helicopter at the time of the incident there were 13 people, 10 of them were found alive. According to media reports, the helicopter was flying from Taipei to Yilan on the event associated with the New year.

We will remind, in the morning of 27 December in Kazakhstan, crashed the plane, killing 12 people and hospitalized 53 people.

The crash also injured two Ukrainians. They were hospitalized with injuries of the spine.


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