During collisions of demonstrators with police in different areas of Iraq over the past 24 hours killed 40 people, said Friday the Associated Press.

It is noted that most of the riots happened in the South of Iraq, where 36 protesters were killed and wounded 245 people.

Four more demonstrators were shot dead in Baghdad, when security forces opened fire with live ammunition on protesters.

According to the Agency, during the protests in Iraq since October 1, killed at least 350 people, thousands were injured.

On the eve of the demonstrators who are against the government, set fire to the Embassy building of Iran in Najaf. The staff of the Consulate were evacuated shortly before the protesters broke into the building.

Iraqi authorities were forced to suspend the work of the education and municipal institutions in the Central and southern parts of the country in connection with large-scale protests.

The protesters initially demanded the authorities to pay attention to youth unemployment and corruption, then began to sound requirements to change the current political system.

The Prime Minister of Iraq Adil Abdul-Mahdi promised to reshuffle the government and to implement reforms in the social sphere, however, the protesters remained dissatisfied with this. Now they advocate the resignation of the entire political leadership, including the Prime Minister.