Photo: Julia Zhivoderov

The clergy of the Church of Cosmas and Damian let people into the temple and prayed for the world.

From two o’clock in the afternoon of 27 July in Moscow has passed a mass protest, whose participants demanded the admission of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. Out in the streets was strictly arrested by the police and Regardie: they blocked access to the city hall, in front of which wanted to meet the protesters.

After Tverskaya street was taken by security forces under control, the protesters went to the center of Moscow — someone went on the Pipe and Clean the ponds, someone to Old and New Arbat. The number of participants is difficult to estimate, but it is thousands of people.

In the process of eviction of protesters by security forces from Tver some of them were in Stoleshnikov lane near the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky. Someone took refuge in here is located the Church of Cosmas and Damian in shubino. Local clerics have allowed people to the temple and prayed with the protesters about the world. Jellyfish recorded the monologue of one of the priests, FR John.

Hieromonk Ioann, in the world Giovanni Guaita, a clergyman of the Church of Cosmas and Damian in shubino. Italian and Russian historian, researcher of Eastern Christianity, the author of books about Armenian history. As well as theological works in Russian and translations of Russian spiritual literature.

“Our temple today has become the centre of political confrontation for a simple reason. The demonstration was supposed to be on Tverskaya street, Stoleshnikov and where we are closest to the pedestrian lane. It happened just geographically.

Today the Church was open as usual. It is always open and we always let. Let all — our responsibility. We are the temple. So today we didn’t do anything special and special.

When in the lane were a riot, we spontaneously it’s quite a large number of people — probably more than a hundred. Mostly young people. Not sure, but I believe that many of them wanted to find shelter. Someone came to us because he was just scary. Someone was afraid that him will detain.

People passed through the gates, and someone probably jumped over the Church fence. But for us it is not so important. A person comes to the temple and always has the right to be received with love. Regardless of his political views.

Some time people just stood in the temple, and then we invited all to pray together about the world. Such a prayer was chosen because of what is happening on the streets. Said a prayer about the world, about the softener of evil hearts. I must say, the people prayed with great pleasure and interest.

Then, when they had the opportunity [to get out of the temple], the people began to disperse and go to Stoleshnikov. Now the temple is much less crowded. It seems that everybody on the street more or less calms down.

I think the priest should in every situation and always all make. I talked to the young people who remained in prayer. I think it is very good to have such active youth. In my opinion it is good when a man knows what he wants and is ready to fight for important things,” said the priest.