The service in the center of Kiev took about 2 thousand police officers and servicemen of National guard of Ukraine, which will monitor law and order during the planned activities reported in the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

“Today in the Central part of the capital, according to the Kyiv city state administration planned several events which will be attended by the representatives of Kiev and other regions. To properly ensure the safety of participants and to avoid provocations, keeping an eye on the police and the military NSU. Only the Central part of the city serve about 2 thousand militiamen”, – is told in the message on the page of police of Kiev in Facebook on Sunday morning .

As reported, the police on 3 February suggested that the organizer of the “March for the future”, scheduled for Sunday, February 4 – public organization “movement of new forces, Mikheil Saakashvili,” – to change the route, as at the same time in the center of Kiev will be held two other events involving vehicles and blocked traffic. In the “movement of new forces” do not intend to change plans and ask militiamen to provide security.

“Today I received a letter from the National police that “movement new forces” can not hold our March tomorrow to demand the resignation of Poroshenko on Khreshchatyk and Maidan, because the other two organizations, they hold their shares. By a strange coincidence all the Maidan made odd designs… and the Khreschatyk and Maidan will be busy with other promotions and instead provide a public order, the police insisted that our protest was not moving along Kreschatik and was not conducted on the Maidan”, – wrote the representative of public organization “movement of new forces” Olha halabala on the Facebook page.

She posted a photocopy of a letter dated February 3, signed by the chief of the Kiev police Andrey Krishchenko, which, in particular, we are talking about the actions of organizations, “Auto Euro Force” and “state of the future” (“future Power”). The police suggested that “the Movement of new forces” to change the route as follows: from the Park of Taras Shevchenko on Vladimirskaya street, through St. Sophia square, Vladimirsky passage, Mikhailovskaya street, the Khreschatyk to the European area.

In his response to the police O. halabala has been pointed out previously planned route of the “March for the future”: the Park of Taras Shevchenko – Shevchenko Boulevard – Khreshchatyk street – Maidan of Independence with the establishment on the Maidan scene. She also asked the police to ensure that the stock on this route and “coordinate all actions to avoid any provocations”.

In addition, O. Halabala asks law enforcement officers to hold meetings with the organizers of all scheduled on February 4 in the center of Kiev shares.

Denial of security during the “March for the future” and preventing the promotion of the column on the previously approved route in the “movement of new forces” will be regarded as a “deliberate escalation of the situation at the direction of government and prepared the ground for possible provocations and conflict.”