He will participate in the fall political campaign.

The first autumn day, September 1, Brest were the traditional feeding of pigeons and a March through the city in protest against the construction near Brest battery factory, said “the Brest newspaper” the human rights activist Raman Kislyak.

The main topic of discussion was the nomination of “candidates”. According to Kislyak, on the “parliamentary elections” from the opponents of the construction of a battery factory going blogger from Birch Alexander Kabanov.

After the meeting in the square people again marched through the Central streets of Brest Pushkin and the Soviet to the cinema “Belarus”. There were no arrests.

The construction of a battery factory in the industrial area “Airport” in the “Brest” FEZ began in late 2017. Its launch was originally planned in August 2018, then at the end of 2018. In the 2019 timeframe too extended.

Simultaneously with the construction of the Brest region began a campaign against the appearance in the SEZ of the company. Throughout this time the initiative group of residents of Brest and residents of the area and her supporters constantly talked about numerous violations at different stages of the project.

14 June, the Chairman of the Brest oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Lis , suspended the construction of a battery factory before elimination of the revealed violations.