In its official microblogging “Instagram” Mikella Abramov told about the release of his new hit “This love,” which she recorded together with Yerzhan Maxim, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Hurray!! Finally, the release of our Maxim Duo #Talybov,” wrote Micella under the clip of a new song.

But all has appeared not so smoothly. Mikella said that during the shooting occurred unfortunate incident. A boy actor fell off his Bicycle and hurt his hand.

It is reported that the boy was given first aid and Bessarabia the wound. To date, he’s all right. It is known that the shooting was carried out nearly 20 hours.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Alsou after the scandal on “the Voice. Children” has achieved incredible success – the Russians are outraged by this injustice. It is also known that daughter Alsu Michelle suggest to forget about a career after filming with Yerzhan Maxim.