As reported in
Thursday, June 27, “Russian conversation” with reference to the portal “RIA Novosti”, the plane An-24 with 43 passengers on Board made an emergency
landing in the North of Buryatia, the two pilots were killed, seven people were injured.

Media said the press Secretary of the head of Republic Alexey Fisev.

According to the source
The media, the situation has taken control of the head of the region Alexey Tsydenov.

Buryatia holds on control a situation with accidents at the airport
Nizhneangarsk. There has made emergency landing the passenger plane. In
killing two pilots. Passengers alive. Saved 42 adults and one child.
Seven people were injured”, – says the statement Fisheva.

He also added,
the plane took off from Nizhneangarsk to Ulan-Ude on the morning of Thursday, June 27, after
what in the air the plane refused a motor.

Previously, “Russian
Dialogue” reported the incident of “hard landing” of the aircraft in
Moscow Domodedovo, on Board of which was the man.

Also it was reported about that, what aircraft would send the Pentagon to Russian borders.