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PARIS, may 1. /TASS/. Riots occurred in Paris during the city’s traditional trade Union marches to mark International workers ‘ day. This was announced on Tuesday, the TV channel BFM, which led to a live broadcast of the procession may day column on city streets.

The instigators of the riots was a group of radical young men who attacked a restaurant of fast food chain McDonald’s on Hospital Boulevard in the 13th arrondissement. They began to break Windows and throw bottles with an incendiary mix.

Then they began to set fire to garbage cans and cars, gets in their way. They also destroyed the service station of Renault cars and driving school, throwing the building bottles with an incendiary mix. Numerous incidents reported at the Gare d’austerlitz. As noted, the majority of young people dressed in black clothes, hiding their faces behind masks .

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Had pulled a few dozen of the security forces. Police used tear gas and water cannons against radical protesters.

The interior Minister of France Gerard colon posted a message on Twitter condemning the “violence and riots, which are held during the parade on the occasion of 1 may.” He assured that “security forces are doing all they can to put an end to this violation of public order and to detain the perpetrators of this”. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo also said that “condemns the violence committed day in Paris by masked men”, whose only aim was “to wreak havoc on the streets.”

In connection with the riots police Prefecture of Paris has changed the route of the trade Union March. According to local authorities, the riots were attended by about 200 people.

Subsequently, law enforcement agencies managed ustanoviti order in the streets. Detained about 40 participants in the riots. “The police managed to push back about 200 of the most violent bullies and block them on a street – said the prefect of the Metropolitan police Michelle Delpech. – About 40 of them arrested and taken to police stations. Four of them – for illegal possession of weapons”.

During the riots injured a police officer, three others hospitalized.

The President of France Emmanuel macron was informed about the situation in Paris. “The President is aware of the situation, including those associated with may day demonstrations,” – said the representative of the administration of the French leader. Macron is currently in Australia, where he arrived on Tuesday on a three-day working visit.

According to trade unions, in demonstration have taken part more than 55 thousand people, almost a third less than in the may day March last year. In addition to Paris, demonstrations were held in other large French cities. For example, in Rennes, according to prefectural police, the rally was attended by about 3.5 thousand people. A group of about 50 radical demonstrators attempted to cause trouble, but the militiamen quickly took control of the situation. It is reported that one person was detained.