– Mal period of Russian aggression in Donbas by date released or found 3 136 thousand of Ukrainian hostages, 416 were missing, said Advisor to the head of the security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit.

“Unfortunately, the number of hostages is growing on today, illegally detained in the Donetsk and Lugansk 118 of our heroes. But confirmed… our hostages, about 60 people “, – he said on air “5 channel” on Monday.

Yury Tandit said: “in addition, the important figure: the first time I say this – released or found 3 thousand 136 people (for the whole period of Russian aggression in the East channel 5), listed as missing in action 416. So that’s about it, you also need to remember”.

In addition, he noted that the published by the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko the list of Ukrainian hostages will only complicate the process of exchange of prisoners .