In Ecuador, protests continue

The result of anti-government actions, accompanied by clashes with police, injured more than 1300 people.

During anti-government protests in Ecuador at least seven people were killed and 1340 were injured. This is stated in the statement released on 13 October on the website of the Commissioner for human rights of the Republic.

It is noted that since the beginning of the demonstrations on 3 October, was detained 1121 people, mostly men.

Earlier the interior Ministry reported that during the protests, at least 86 policemen were injured.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ecuador amid protests began to use terrorism against those who threaten the lives of people and damages the state.

Recall that the protests in Ecuador continue in early October. They were provoked by the decree of the President Lenin Moreno on the abolition of state subsidies on fuel and economic reforms.

The protesters blocked roads, oil fields and access to airport Quito, had disrupted many businesses were taken hostage by the police.

The President of Ecuador declared a state of emergency and moved its headquarters from the capital to the city of Guayaquil.

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