As can be seen in the footage, a Poroshenko supporter pulled out a poster from
the hands of his opponent, after which the activist was struck by a palm strike to his
abuser. Without thinking, the representative of the stronger sex the answer hit right
in the nose of a woman, reports “Russian conversation”.

The result of the incident, the woman tried several
time to hit the opponent, but others were not allowed to continue the fight. Also
the victim tried to seek help to present next
the law enforcement officers, but no reaction from the guards was not followed.

Previously published large-scale shots of the action at walls
The constitutional court in Kiev, where dozens of people took to the street to Express
their dissatisfaction with the decision of Vladimir Zelensky to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada.
Hearing about the legality of this initiative were held today, June 11.

It also became known that in
the court referred to the irrefutable evidence of violations of the Constitution by decree
Vladimir Zelensky on the dissolution of the Ukrainian Parliament.