The continuation of the protests on Monday announced the Venezuelan opposition, regardless of the outcome of the constituent Assembly election, media reported from Caracas.

The constituent Assembly was elected to make changes in the Constitution of the mills on the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro, the opposition strongly opposes.

Elections were held on Sunday amid widespread protests initiated by opposition forces, reports of casualties in the clashes. According to various reports, over the Saturday and Sunday killed 10 to 16 people.

The results of the vote yet to be announced, but the authorities said that the election was attended by a record number of citizens.

Uno de los días más oscuros de la historia de nuestra patria!Bajen las armas!Ya van 16 venezolanos asesinados!Venezuela Ya les dijo que NO!

— Henrique Capriles R . (@hcapriles) 30 Jul 2017

However, a number of countries in the region have already announced it will not recognize the results of the voting. The US has said it will continue to take action against the Venezuelan authorities. In particular, Washington has considered sanctions against the oil sector of Venezuela and some of its politicians.