The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov told about the new clothing evidence in the case of murder of known journalist Paul Sheremet, found during recent searches.

“Consequently I was just allowed to publish this fact… While we were waiting for a lawyer, he (the suspect Andrei Antonenko – if) wrote to a person who lived with him in the same apartment with the brother of his wife, “come in and take out the green thing… his brother’s wife picks up the green thing and brings out of the apartment… we had three versions and so the night was spent unexpectedly two additional urgent search”, – said Avakov in the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” on Friday evening.

According to Avakov, in the search for one of the three addresses, the item was found and it appeared to be a mine mon-50 in a semi assembled state.

He stressed that the element similar mines were part of the bomb, the explosion which killed Sheremet.

“I’m not saying that this element of the bomb, but it’s weird when a musician keeps my home mine mon-50, which is mono-to kill a huge number of people”, – said Avakov.

He also recalled that the investigation has not been completed on a number of issues still no complete answers, including “the initiators of this case.”