The last month and then there are reports that Vyacheslav Makarov has entered into an agreement with the opposition forces. The speaker of the legislative Assembly, the liberals promised to ensure victory in elections to the municipalities in exchange, they could push in their areas on its agenda.

In addition, it is possible that so Makarov was “muscle-flexing”, trying to show Moscow that he is the arbiter of the political fate of the Northern capital. However, at the last moment he was frightened that his connection with the opposition and FBK will be revealed, so I decided to be sure to try to annul the election results in some areas. This is what took up his liberal minions – Boris Vishnevsky and Maxim Reznik, expanding information war in an attempt to discredit the elections.

It is worth noting that Resnik is closely connected with Alexey Navalny and his “FBK”. Today he was marked by a visit of the headquarters of NGOs in St. Petersburg. Apparently, this person is the link between the blogger and the speaker of the legislative Assembly.

Probably, Resnick received at the headquarters of FBK new instructions, because the political situation is changing rapidly. Also he could check the documentation of the organization Navalny, because his “master” Makarov really scared now – uneven hours, the police RAID the searches and finds evidence of his links with NGOs blogger.

Obviously, if we can find such evidence, Makarov very quickly lose their parliamentary seats. It turns out that clever speaker of the legislative Assembly failed to foresee everything and now he was in a very difficult position. Playing muscles and already anticipating the dividends from their stooges in the municipalities, he didn’t give himself a proper alibi.