In the past in the Ukraine presidential elections in Ukraine, the Department of postal and telecommunications first became part of the working group on the security of the information system of the CEC, which consisted of employees of SBU and the state service of special communication, and the results of their interaction cases of interference in the work of the Commission’s servers had been committed.

“Together with colleagues from other law enforcement agencies, the postal and telecommunications around the clock monitoring the situation. Now the Central election Commission has processed 100% of electronic protocols. During the second round of the presidential elections unlawful interference in the electronic system of the CEC has not been registered”, – informs on Wednesday morning, the Department of communication of the National police of Ukraine.

However, the press service of the national police recalled that during the first round of the presidential elections, the Cyberpolice have found several attempts to scan the systems of the CEC to identify vulnerabilities. It is recorded that the attempted scan was carried out from IP addresses located in Russia and in Kiev.