In the Armed forces of Ukraine and other military formations in the course of the recruiting campaign “Spring 2017” is intended 14 135 thousand Ukrainians aged 20-27 years, said the chief of the Department staff – Deputy chief of staff of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Artur Artemenko .

As said A. Artemenko at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday, Ukraine’s Armed forces have been called 9 137 thousand persons in the National guard to 4 thousand 200 persons, the State special transport service – 800.

“Conscripts to participate in the ATO will not be involved”, – said A. Artemenko.

He also informed, that the recruits will be paid financial assistance in the amount of two living wages, they will be on full state maintenance, be provided with food and uniforms, monthly they will have to pay to sit 154-245 UAH to the additional personal needs when retirement will pay them cash assistance in the amount of 8 salary (1 UAH 232 thousand to 1 thousand 960 UAH depending on military rank and position).

As reported by the order No. 185 of March 22, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the number of Ukrainian citizens subject to conscription for military service in April-may 2017 in the amount of 14 thousand 135. According to the plan, the total number of recruits 9 135 thousand people will be sent into the Armed forces of Ukraine, 4.2 thousand – in the National guard and 800 in the State special transport service.