Photo: ukrafoto.com

News of Ukraine: In Ukraine since the beginning of July on the waters killed more than 70 people, and with the beginning of the year the number reaches 600.

Every day in Ukraine recorded cases of emergencies on the water. Since the beginning of year on reservoirs killed about 600 people, from the beginning of July recorded more than 70 cases.

This was announced on Sunday, July 15, the State service for emergency situations.

“Since the beginning of July has already recorded more than 70 cases. However, even despite these statistics, people continue to go to local lakes and rivers, which are often not adapted for swimming and, ignoring the restrictions, and further expose themselves to danger”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that only in Kiev, July 13 in the capital rescuers twice received calls that in the Dnieper river discovered the bodies of drowned men .

On the same day in the Zaporozhye region of water recovered 5 bodies, including 12-year-old.

Given the number of accidents near water bodies, the State service of Ukraine warns: in order to avoid the tragedy during a vacation, always adhere to basic safety rules! In particular:

– bathe only on specially equipped beaches;

– never dive in unfamiliar places;

– do not leave children unattended near water and do not allow them to independently visit local ponds and rivers;

– do not swim far. Never swim alone, especially if you are not confident in their abilities;

– do not enter the water in a condition of alcoholic intoxication;

– do not approach boats, boats and boats;

– water temperature should not be below +17 °C;

– swim in the water no more than 20 minutes, with this time should increase gradually, starting with 3-5 minutes;

– watch for storm warnings and not go out in a boat when strong gusts of wind;

– in case of an emergency immediately call the emergency services on 101.