In the incident on London bridge, presumably killing seven passers-by, the police in turn were able to eliminate two of the attackers, said on Sunday the British newspaper the Sun.

“A group of five terrorists in protective vests sent the car into bystanders at a speed of 50 miles per hour on London bridge. After that they attacked passers-by, armed with hunting knives”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that during this attack, “presumably seven people were killed and 20 injured”.

The publication adds that far from their office were heard two explosions.

“The personnel crowded pub in London bridge failed to lock the doors when the attackers tried to break in. The attackers to his chest was attached to the metal cans. According to witnesses, the police managed to shoot two of the attackers”, – says the publication.

As reported by British media on Saturday evening by unknown on van white at great speed left on the sidewalk . The area where the incident occurred, cordoned off by armed police. The people of London are advised to “remain calm, but do not lose vigilance”. To 00:25 hours London time incidents on London bridge and borough market, the police officially announced the attacks. Also the police said that the incident in Vauxhall connected with them.