A married couple along with three children during the excursion in the castle of Dudley was able to photograph some amazing shots of the ruins, one of which manifested the legendary Ghost the Grey lady. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The couple Dean and Amy wasn’t chasing ghostly lady, where they are more
interested in the fortress, in which the stories had been put in prison, the Queen
Scotland – Maria. Only after viewing photos in the home
the family saw how much interesting frames was done.

According to local legend, before the woman asked to be buried next to her
girl and to the funeral was definitely her husband. No request of the deceased
has not been executed.

Earlier, during the celebration of the birth of her daughter came to the feast the Ghost of a little boy .

In the picture, taken during a holiday, the mother holds daughter’s cake, and for
her back is a strange looking boy.