During the next edition of the program, the schoolgirl burst into tears, not keeping surging emotions.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently aired another edition of the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the history of Diana. The girl’s mother reported that the family had to move from their native city because of persecution. Also the woman said words of gratitude to the people who supported her daughter in difficult times.

Herself schoolgirl evil spoke against those who were accused, along with her mother.

It is worth noting that on the screen during transmission showed baby photos of Shurygino. The girl’s mother, looking at them, began to cry. Diana, too, are unable to restrain emotions and began to thank parents for the gift of her happy childhood. The girl confessed that the relatives were always trying to make her life perfect and in no way denied, that the baby is fully developed .

Still the public did not come to a consensus about the story that happened with Diana. Some sided with the girl and declare that violence cannot be justified, while others believe, Shurygina just cashing in on the incident and not like the innocent victim.