The Children Of Syria
The UN news center

With the outbreak of civil war in Syria has killed more than 330 thousand people, including nearly 100 thousand civilians. this was announced on Sunday, July 16, Syrian Observatory for human rights, reports DW.

According to the center, from 2011 to mid-July 2017 in Syria has killed a total of 331 765.

“According to estimates of human rights defenders, including 99 617 who died a violent death civilians – 18 243 children”, – stated in the message.

As a result of armed conflict has killed 116 774 soldiers who obey Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters, as well as 57 thousand rebels, including members of the Syrian opposition and Kurdish forces “forces of the democratic Syria.”

“In addition, 58 killed thousands of jihadists – mostly supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” or groups close to al-Qaida . Among them were foreigners, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights, the information being based on a network of activists and informants in Syria. Information organization, as a rule, cannot be verified from independent sources”, – informs the center.

Recall that the war in Syria which proceeds since 2011, destroyed the country’s infrastructure and caused economic damage of 226 billion dollars, the report says the world Bank.

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