During the year the number of unemployed in Ukraine has decreased by almost 10%



Photo: ukrafoto.com

Ukraine news: According to the NHS, the proportion of unemployed men and women among the unemployed in Ukraine is approximately equal to the number.

Unemployed in Ukraine has decreased by almost 10%.

This is evidenced by the State statistics service of Ukraine.

In particular, the number of registered unemployed at the end of March 2018 (according to the state employment service) was 366 900 people. Compared to March last year, the number of unemployed decreased by 9.8%.

Recall, as reported in civil service employment, internal statistics SPSS shows that unemployed women and men in Ukraine is about the same amount. They have the same employment opportunities, equal access to services. But they differ in the use of these opportunities. In this context, men are more active and more mobile .