Lock popular in Russia Telegram messenger will trigger the growth of user activity in other same kind of services that would adversely affect the interests of the state.

This became known from the statements of Russian businessman Pavel Durov, the founder of the project, reports, “Russian conversation”.

According to him, many Russians, including members with a different kind of civil servants will move to other messengers, the headquarters of many of which are located in the United States. The authorities do not plan to block such American programs as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

“As soon as the Telegram is blocked, the correspondence of Russian officials, their friends and relatives, and other sensitive data via WhatsApp/Viber will be performed, controlled by America cloud Apple iCloud/Google Drive” – said Durov .

The founder of VK and Telegram believes that this can be regarded as a sabotage of the true interests of the state.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as the management of Roskomnadzor suggests soon to lock in the territory of the Russian Federation, this messenger. This is due to the fact that the administration of the Telegram does not fulfill the main requirements of the authorities in the form of registration as a distributor of information.