Photo: RBK Pavel Durov does not consider the lock a smart move

The Creator of the messenger I am sure that the FSB is simply trying to increase their influence.

The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov considers questionable statements of the FSB of organizing terrorist attacks in the St. Petersburg metro with instant messenger. In his opinion, weakened the encryption will undermine the national security of the country.

A comment he published on his page in “Vkontakte”, the Russian media reported.

“The time occurrence of the information that almost three months ago, Telegram alleged to have been used in the preparation of a terrorist attack, raises questions. Sadly, when Russian special services are exploiting this tragedy as a pretext for strengthening its influence and control over the population”, — he said .

Durov wrote that such means of communication as Telegram and WhatsApp messengers encode the information of its users and “could not become unsafe only for potential terrorists.”

The endtoend principle, or expired encryption, the same protection and at the same time threatens all the users, he said. “The rejection of endpoint encryption in a particular country will make tens of millions of people defenseless against hackers and blackmailing corrupt officials. Moreover, the weakening of encryption in all instant messengers will undermine the national security of the country as a whole, as in this case, foreign intelligence agencies inevitably will also get access to the entire correspondence of citizens of Russia”, — wrote Durov.

The Creator of the messenger also added that the refusal of encryption and access granting authorities to the conversations of people do not reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, “as the events in Paris, to carry out a terrorist attack enough disposable phones and conventional CMC without any encryption.”

Recall, Roskomnadzor intends in a few days to block the messenger Telegram. This will happen if his owner Pavel Durov does not provide data for the registration of a company in the register of the organizers of disseminating information.