Football 24

“Zirka” has unexpectedly won in the match of the 21st round of the championship against Ukraine Kiev “Dynamo”.

“Zirka – Dynamo” – 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Andrew Batula, 34, Paul Polehenko, 71.

Warning: Aderinsola Ezeala, 6. Dmytro Bilonog, 90. – Serhiy Rybalka, 26. Tamas Kadar, 33. Denys Harmash, 60.

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“Zirka” in the opening minutes showed his fighting spirit to the match. Dynamo projected had more possession, but to create a quality scoring chance at the gate of the Pasta did not succeed, the people of Kiev are often caught in an offside position. The owners, in turn, answered with sharp counterattacks, which felt comfortable Sitalo and Esiola. It is the actions of the latter led to a goal. Azeala in front of the penalty area took the ball from Pantic and Kadar was forced to foul . Bacula took the responsibility to carry out standard and after a few moments the account was opened – Rudko failed to pull the ball around the far post after an excellent blow Andrew.

After the break Dynamo increased the pressure on the opponent. Kiev large forces tried to fix the situation, but the owners are very organized defense. He created two chances Morozyuk and Besedin, but first the linesman fixed offside once, and then Arthur himself struck by the gate Pasta. Also remember the impact Buyalsky, who in the fall had hit the crossbar. “Zirka” carried out the attack in response to which Ezeala again earned a dangerous free kick. This time the ball went Polehenko and cool spun the sphere to the goal. Rudko has not seen the moment of impact, which did not respond to him.

The guests continued to attempt to recoup, but “Zirka” worked in defense and did not give productive failures. The curtain of the game Kiev is not even able to organize a massive invasion on other people’s possessions. Kropiwnicka quite calmly brought the game to victory, depriving Dynamo real scoring chances.

With this victory, “Zirka” scored 22 points and climbed to 8th place, and Dynamo with 43 points were the second.

Zirka“: Eugene Pastes, Borja Ekiza, Dmitry Fateev, Federico Pereira, Andrew Batula, Nikita Zhukov (Artem Generous, ’84), Vladislav Lupasco, Paul Polehenko, Artem Sitalo (Alexander Akimenko, ’69), Alexei Chichikov, Aderinsola Ezeala (Dmitry Bilonog, ’81)

Dynamo“: Artur Rudko, Aleksandar Pantić, Domagoj Vida, Tamas Kadar, Vitaliy Buialskyi, Denys Harmash, Mykola Morozyuk, Derlis Gonzalez (Roman Yaremchuk, ’46), Serhiy Rybalka (Serhiy Sydorchuk, ’72), Andriy Yarmolenko, Artem Besedin

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